Loft-Mounted Positive Inlet Ventilation (PIV) System Installation

This project aimed to improve the property's indoor air quality and reduce condensation by installing a Positive Inlet Ventilation (PIV) system.

We began by mounting a PIV fan unit in the loft space, carefully positioning it for the best air distribution. The system’s main job is to pump clean, filtered air into the house, which helps tackle dampness and stuffiness. We ran ducting from the unit to vent this fresh air onto the landing, as this spot allows the air to circulate nicely throughout the home.

To make sure the incoming air doesn’t make the house chilly, especially in winter, we fitted the PIV with an integrated heating element. This clever bit of kit warms up the air before it enters the living space, so there’s no worry about uncomfortable draughts.

For the electrical side of things, we tapped into the existing loft light circuit. This saved us running new wires and kept everything neat and tidy. We were careful to secure all the ductwork properly, using cable ties and aluminium tape to make sure all the joints were airtight.

Once everything was in place, we gave the whole system a thorough test. We checked that the fan was working as it should and that the heating element was doing its job. The homeowner can now enjoy fresher, cleaner air and should see a noticeable drop in condensation problems. It’s amazing how much difference a bit of proper ventilation can make to a home.

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