Refurbishment of a Solar PV System

This 11-year-old Solar PV system needed some much-needed TLC to restore its efficiency and performance, ensuring the client could continue to benefit from their favourable historic Feed-In Tariff rate.

This 11-year-old Solar PV system required some much-needed TLC to restore its efficiency and performance. The initial inspection revealed several corroded on-roof connections and the absence of PV panel optimisers, which were significantly impacting the system’s output. For our client, who benefits from a highly favourable historic Feed-In Tariff rate, it was crucial to get the system back to its optimal performance.

Our team of solar experts undertook a comprehensive refurbishment of the PV system. We began by carefully removing the existing panels to address the corroded connections. Each connection was meticulously cleaned and replaced as necessary to ensure a solid and durable electrical connection. We also installed new PV panel optimisers to enhance the system’s efficiency, allowing each panel to operate independently and at its peak performance.

With the refurbishment complete, we reinstalled the solar panels, ensuring they were securely mounted and correctly aligned to maximise sunlight exposure. The newly optimised system was then thoroughly tested to confirm that all components were functioning correctly and efficiently.

The transformation was evident. The refurbished system not only restored its performance but also significantly improved the client’s solar energy output. The client can now take full advantage of their Feed-In Tariff rate, generating more electricity and enjoying greater financial returns. This project underscores our commitment to providing top-quality service and ensuring that our clients’ solar investments continue to deliver optimal performance for years to come.

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