Meet The Team

With a rapidly growing team, Wave Electrical Solutions Ltd. ensures that all work is carried out to the highest standard, whatever the scale of the job.

Our key principles consist of completing all projects with budgets, timescales and a high level of finesse in mind. We do this whilst maintaining a conscientious service, communicating effectively with clients and most importantly, we turn up when we say we will.

We are insured, approved by the NAPIT trade body and proud to be endorsed by the Which? trusted trader scheme.


(Managing Director)

Kieran, as the Managing Director of Wave Electrical Solutions, oversees all operations, strategic planning, and business development, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the electrical solutions industry. Kieran, worked on the electrical systems of military helicopters for 8 years, which is where he learnt his craft. He then took those principles into the electrical world, where he has worked tirelessly to combine high quality work with great customer service.

Personal Interests

  • Hobbies and Activities: “I enjoy running and training for ultra marathons. Pushing my limits and achieving new milestones keeps me motivated both personally and professionally.”
  • Volunteer Work and Causes I Support: “I believe in giving back to the community, so I offer free electrical services to the local community through our very own Positive Connection initiative to help the vulnerable and elderly.”



Charlie, as an Electrician at Wave Electrical Solutions, is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of electrical installations and maintenance, bringing technical expertise and attention to detail to every project.

Personal Interests

Hobbies and Activities: “I have a passion for collecting and building model train sets. It’s a hobby that combines my love for intricate details and engineering in a fun and creative way.”

Favourite Books, Movies, TV Shows, or Games: “I enjoy reading about historical railways and engineering marvels. My favourite movie is ‘The Polar Express,’ and I love watching documentaries about trains and their impact on transportation.”

Sports, Fitness, or Outdoor Activities: “While I don’t play sports competitively, I enjoy staying active through hiking and exploring new trails, often inspired by the landscapes my model trains traverse.”

Cultural Interests (Art, Theatre, Music, etc.): “I’m an avid ballet enthusiast. I regularly attend performances at the local theater and appreciate the artistry and athleticism of ballet dancers. It’s a beautiful contrast to my technical work.”

Involvement in Clubs, Groups, or Organizations: “I’m a member of a local model train club where we share tips, display our collections, and organize exhibitions. I also support and participate in the local ballet community, attending events and supporting the arts.”

Volunteer Work and Causes I Support: “I volunteer at community centres, helping to set up model train displays for children and enthusiasts. Additionally, I support local arts programs and initiatives that promote ballet and dance education.”



George, as an Electrician at Wave Electrical Solutions, plays a crucial part in driving project success, overseeing team collaboration, and ensuring high standards in electrical solutions delivery.

Personal Interests

Hobbies and Activities: “I love playing football. It’s a great way to stay active, work as a team, and enjoy some friendly competition.”

Favourite Books, Movies, TV Shows, or Games: “One of my favourite books is ‘Fever Pitch’ by Nick Hornby. I also enjoy watching sports movies like ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ and catching up on football highlights and matches on TV.”

Sports, Fitness, or Outdoor Activities: “Football is my main sport, and I play in a local league on weekends. It’s a fantastic way to stay fit and socialize with friends. I also enjoy jogging to keep up my endurance.”

Cultural Interests (Art, Theatre, Music, etc.): “Besides football, I’m an avid operatic singer. I perform with a local opera company and love immersing myself in the rich world of classical music. It’s a perfect balance to the high-energy game of football.”

Involvement in Clubs, Groups, or Organizations: “I’m actively involved in a football club where I not only play but also help organize events and training sessions. Additionally, I’m a member of an opera singing group, where we practice and perform regularly.”

Volunteer Work and Causes I Support: “I enjoy giving back through music and sports. I volunteer to coach youth football teams, helping kids develop their skills and love for the game. I also participate in charity concerts to raise funds for various community causes.”


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