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We’ve become the preferred choice for EV charging point installations in the area, and it’s clear why: competitive pricing, swift service, and a seamless installation experience set us apart. Our dedicated in-house team of electricians, all local to the area and fully accredited, handle every aspect of our EV installations, ensuring 1st class service from start to finish.


Our EV team of seasoned professionals whose expertise in EV technology is unparalleled. This depth of knowledge ensures that every service and installation we provide is of the highest quality. But our expertise goes beyond technical skills; our team approaches every interaction with a pleasant and friendly demeanour, making the process not just effective but also enjoyable for our clients. This combination of technical proficiency and approachability has earned us recommendations from those we've had the pleasure to serve, highlighting our reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner in your EV journey.


Efficiency is a hallmark of our service, characterised by swift and streamlined processes that minimise inconvenience and deliver prompt solutions tailored to your individual needs. Our clients are consistently impressed by how easy and hassle-free the entire process is, from initial consultation to the final installation. This efficiency is complemented by our commitment to clear and continuous communication, ensuring that you're kept in the loop and fully informed every step of the way. Our team's professional and polite approach further enhances the service experience, making the transition to EV technology not just efficient but also exceptionally pleasant.


Transitioning to EV technology is made accessible and cost-effective through our competitive pricing structure. We believe in making this leap affordable for all, but affordability doesn't mean cutting corners. Our clients are often surprised by the neat and tidy installation process, which reflects our team's professionalism and attention to detail. This affordability, coupled with our commitment to providing a smooth and easy process, ensures that our clients feel they've made a wise and worthwhile investment, recommending us for not just the technology we offer but the value and quality of service.


Reliability forms the backbone of our service, offering you peace of mind and satisfaction with your EV investment. You can count on us for dependable service and support from start to finish, a promise we uphold through every aspect of our work. Our clients attest to the reliability of our service, impressed by the easy process and the clear communication they experience throughout. The professionalism and politeness of our team further reinforce this sense of reliability, ensuring that every interaction is as reassuring as it is helpful. With us, you're not just choosing an EV company; you're choosing a partner committed to supporting you reliably at every step of your EV journey.

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Top 5 Questions & Answers

Here are the top 5 questions frequently asked about EV charging.

At Wave Electrical Solutions Ltd, we specialise in installing both Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging points. Level 1 chargers are suitable for those who have longer to charge their vehicle, typically overnight, using a standard 230-volt outlet. For faster charging, we recommend Level 2 chargers, which require a dedicated 230-volt circuit. Our experienced team can help you decide which option best suits your daily driving needs and vehicle specifications.

Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your home’s electrical system by our qualified electricians. We evaluate your current electrical panel capacity, wiring condition, and the feasibility of adding a new circuit for the EV charging point. This assessment ensures that your installation is performed safely and in compliance with all relevant standards, ensuring your home is ready for the future of driving.

Yes, the EV charging points installed by Wave Electrical Solutions Ltd. are designed to be compatible with all electric vehicles that comply with current UK standards. Our Level 1 and Level 2 charging points come equipped with a universal connector, ensuring that regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, you can charge it efficiently at home. Our team is always available to advise on the best charging solution for your specific vehicle, ensuring you have the right setup for your EV’s needs.

Our installation process is designed to be smooth and hassle-free. After the initial electrical assessment and your decision on the type of charging point, we schedule a convenient time for the installation. Our certified electricians will carry out the work, ensuring minimal disruption to your home. We pride ourselves on leaving every site neat and tidy, and we’ll provide a comprehensive demonstration on how to use your new charging point, ensuring you’re confident and ready to charge.

The duration of the installation can vary depending on the complexity of your specific setup and the type of charging point being installed. However, most installations are completed within a day. Our team works efficiently and professionally, ensuring that your charging point is installed to the highest standards with as little disruption as possible, and without compromising on safety or quality.

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