Installation of Loft-Mounted In-Line Extractor Fan Unit

We completed the installation of a loft-mounted in-line extractor fan unit, designed to improve ventilation by synchronising with the bathroom lighting system.

Our project involved the supply and installation of an in-line extractor fan unit within the loft space, a crucial behind-the-scenes enhancement aimed at significantly improving bathroom ventilation. This installation included an isolator switch and a timer overrun facility, ensuring that the fan continued to operate for a set period after the bathroom light was switched off, thereby maintaining optimal air quality and reducing humidity.

During the installation process, we carefully installed the ducting and mounted the fan unit in the loft, strategically positioning it to maximise efficiency while ensuring minimal noise disruption. The fan was integrated with the existing bathroom lighting system, allowing it to activate automatically whenever the bathroom light was turned on. This seamless integration provided an effortless solution for maintaining a fresh and well-ventilated bathroom environment.

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