PIV (Positive Inlet Ventilation) & Bathroom Extractor Fan

This Newquay property was struggling with damp due to retained moisture

This Newquay property was struggling with damp due to retained moisture, produced by the natural use of a home (cooking, showering, drying clothes inside etc). To prevent this, we needed to create a forced airflow. These @nuairegroup PIV (positive inlet ventilation) fans are great for this! They create a positive air pressure within the house, so the damp air is driven out.

In addition to this, we installed a bathroom extractor fan, which in my opinion are absolutely essential in all bathrooms where a shower is used frequently. If you think about it, all of that steam that is produced by a hot shower has to go somewhere. If not extracted it generally gathers behind wall hung picture frames and furniture. In turn, can cause black mould to appear.

PIV fans are especially good in new homes, when there is so much emphasis on having the property completely air tight. This is great for keeping the heat in, but it also doesn’t allow air/moisture to escape – definitely something to consider if you find areas of black mould forming in your home!

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