Relocation of Outlets and Installation of Light Fittings

We successfully relocated multiple outlets and installed client-supplied light fittings to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

In this project, we relocated a multimedia, TV and double socket outlet, all accessed via the inside of a freestanding TV unit. The existing cables were extended within the wall void, completely hidden from view.

Additionally, we relocated another double socket outlet from the the living room doorway to behind a side-table unit for a more discrete look. The hole left from this relocation was patched and prepared for decoration.

For the lighting installations, we installed a client-supplied light fitting centrally over the dining table. In the kitchen, we replaced the existing downlight over the island with two client-supplied pendant light fittings, positioning them to achieve the desired aesthetic. Lastly, we installed a client-supplied light fitting in the master bedroom. This series of installations and relocations improved both the functionality and visual appeal of the spaces.

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