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Curious why businesses in Cornwall choose us for their EV charge points? Firstly, we provide clear, jargon-free advice, ensuring you understand every step of the process. We keep things simple and transparent, so you’re always informed. Being locals, we genuinely care about our community and prioritise your business’s needs. Whether you’re new to EV charging or upgrading your current setup, we offer expert guidance and reliable service to help you stay ahead in the green energy transition.

Revenue & Sustainability

Generate additional revenue for your business and reduce your carbon footprint with our commercial EV charging stations. We design and install electric car charging points for businesses across Cornwall, using reliable technology from the leading brands in the industry. Our solutions not only help you meet sustainability goals but also enhance your business's appeal to eco-conscious customers.

Design & Installation

Our bespoke EV charging solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. We offer a range of charging options, from standard 3kW chargers suitable for a full working day to ultra-rapid 100-200 kW chargers that can fully charge an EV in as little as 10-20 minutes. Whether you need to support a fleet of electric vehicles or provide convenient charging for customers and employees, we have the expertise to design and install the right system for you.

Costs & Profitability

The cost of installing a commercial EV charging station in the UK can vary, starting from around £1000 for standard units, this increase for rapid chargers and multiple unit systems. Despite the initial investment, these stations can be profitable by generating revenue through charging fees and potentially exporting energy to the national grid if paired with solar and battery solutions.

Why Choose Us

We lead the market in commercial EV charging point installations. Our extensive experience spans a variety of sectors, from public organisations to hospitality and retail. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions that meet your business's unique energy needs. Our end-to-end service includes everything from initial site assessments and electrical design to full installation and ongoing maintenance. By choosing us, you ensure your business not only supports sustainability but also benefits from increased revenue, enhanced brand image, and future-proofed infrastructure. Let's work together to power your business into a greener future.

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Top 10 Questions & Answers

Here are the top 10 questions we’re frequently asked about commercial EV charge points…

The cost of a commercial EV charging station in the UK can range significantly depending on the type and speed of the charger. A standard Level 2 charger can cost from £1,000 per unit, while a rapid charger and multi unit systems cost more. The price includes the cost of the hardware and installation but may vary with additional features and services. Businesses in the UK can also take advantage of various government schemes and incentives to reduce the overall cost.

Yes, investing in EV charging is considered a good move for many businesses. With the growing market for electric vehicles, there is a rising demand for charging infrastructure. An EV charging station can increase property value, enhance brand image by showcasing environmental responsibility, and potentially qualify for various grants and incentives.

Businesses may qualify for various local incentives, including tax credits, rebates, and grants that can offset the initial costs of installation. The UK government offers schemes such as OZEV Grants and the Workplace Charging Scheme, which can significantly reduce the financial burden.

For commercial or public charging stations, planning permission may be required depending on the location and the type of installation. Typically, you need to apply for planning permission if the installation involves significant changes to the building or surrounding area, such as installing a new electrical substation or altering the building’s facade.

Commercial EV chargers are built to be durable and require minimal maintenance. Routine maintenance may include regular cleaning, software updates, and periodic checks by a technician to ensure all components are functioning properly.

Before installing EV chargers, it’s essential to conduct an electrical design and load assessment to determine if your existing infrastructure can handle the additional load. Our team can help evaluate your current capacity and recommend necessary upgrades to ensure a smooth installation process.

We offer various types of charging points to suit different needs:

Standard (3kW): Suitable for full-day charging.
Fast (7-22kW): Charges within 4-6 hours, ideal for medium-term parking.
Rapid (50kW): Provides a quick charge within 30-60 minutes.
Ultra-Rapid (100-200kW): Charges within 10-20 minutes, perfect for short stops.

Yes, integrating solar panels with your EV charging station is possible and can be a sustainable solution. This setup can help reduce energy costs and increase the efficiency of your EV charging infrastructure.

Installing EV charging stations can:

  • Attract eco-conscious customers.
  • Encourage longer visits, increasing customer spending.
  • Provide an additional revenue stream through charging fees.
  • Enhance your property’s appeal and future-proof your business.
  • Leverage tax benefits and government incentives.
  • Support your employees’ transition to electric vehicles, boosting morale and retention.

Begin by contacting our team for a consultation. We will assess your site, discuss your specific needs, and provide a tailored solution that includes design, installation, and ongoing maintenance services.

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Key Industry Sectors We Serve

Public and Corporate

Including government buildings, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

Hospitality, Retail, & Leisure

Serving hotels, resorts, shopping centres, supermarkets, and entertainment venues.

Transport and Industrial

Supporting logistics, transport depots, industrial sites, and motorway services with fleet and rapid charging solutions.

6 Benefits of Commercial EV Charging Stations

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