Are you contemplating an electrical home rewire project in Cornwall?

At Wave Electrical Solutions, we understand the importance of a safe, reliable, and up-to-date electrical system.

Whether you’re concerned that your electrical system is unsafe for continued use, your setup doesn’t meet your requirements, or you’re undertaking a home renovation, rewiring is a critical undertaking to ensure safety, compliance, and modernisation. Let’s explore the why’s and how’s of electrical home rewiring to provide you with the information you need for a seamless transition to a safer and more efficient electrical system.

Why choose Wave Electrical Solutions to rewire Your Home?


One of the foremost reasons to consider an electrical rewire is when your current electrical system is unsafe for continued use. Outdated wiring, overloaded circuits, lack of necessary protection at the fuseboard or damaged cable insulation pose significant hazards to your family and property. A rewiring project can eliminate these risks, providing you with peace of mind.


We treat your home as if it was our own.

With our dustless chasing equipment, we ensure that the unfortunate ‘mess’ produced when rewiring is kept to a very minimum by keeping on top of it as we go.

This is a part of our work we are extremely passionate about.

Meeting Homeowner Requirements

Your electrical system should cater to your specific needs.

If your existing setup falls short of your requirements, be it insufficient socket outlets, outdated switches, or inadequate lighting, a rewiring project allows you to customise your electrical layout to your exact preferences.

Home Renovation

Home renovation projects often go hand-in-hand with electrical rewiring. As you’re enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your living spaces, updating your electrical infrastructure ensures it aligns with your new layout, lighting schemes, and appliance demands.

This also gives you an opportunity to comply with the latest UK regulations and energy efficiency standards.

Partial or Full Rewire?

A full rewire involves replacing all electrical wiring in your home, while a partial rewire targets specific areas or circuits. The choice between these options depends on the condition of your existing wiring and your renovation goals.

Wave Electrical Solutions provide comprehensive assessments to help you determine the most cost-effective and safety-driven solution for your electrical home rewiring project in Cornwall.

Don’t compromise on your family’s safety or your home’s electrical functionality.

Contact us today to explore your options for electrical rewires, ensuring your space is safer, more efficient, and perfectly suited to your needs. Wave Electrical Solutions Ltd is your trusted partner for electrical rewiring in Cornwall. Trusted by the Which? Trusted Trader programme and a member of the NAPIT competent person scheme (CPS).