Check out some of our most recent projects below.  Click on a project for more information.

June 2024

We successfully relocated multiple outlets and installed client-supplied light fittings to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

May 2024

This modern outhouse project successfully merges practical design with stylish elements.

May 2024

The aim of this project is to update the electrical system in a catering facility to support additional kitchen equipment and improve overall lighting.

April 2024

Our client envisioned an industrial-style aesthetic for their home, seeking a unique and tailored approach that off-the-shelf products could not satisfy.

January 2024

Electrical works for a garage conversion project.

December 2023

Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose lighting

September 2023

Transforming an unused garage into a lovely ‘snug’ room

April 2023

Recessed LED in small cloakroom

March 2023

5 Bed Rewire – Camelford

August 2022

TV lifts, dimmable toggle switches, underfloor heating and much, much more!

December 2021

Conversion of centre ceiling pendent to downlights
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